Hello World! Here I am.

Is not the first thing a human says when it arrives in this world.
First, it learns a lot of other things. Among these first things, communication is one of them. When the child eventually gets to words, the combination ‘Hello World’, isn’t even close to being the first ones.

And yet, fledgling programmers make it the first actions their skills produce. You have to start somewhere, I guess.

The name of this company is new; the concept is not.

I started Innovelty in 2008 as a small Internet Marketing firm in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. We built some very cool small digital business’ like ‘MooiePlinten’ and ‘Rico Horses.’

But as a young small business owner, I struggled. I made some foolish mistakes and by nearly going bankrupt decided to work at a few more prominent digital marketing firms like ‘RIFF Online’ and ‘Adeptiv.’ I’m very thankful for all of my previous employers, named and unnamed. But I felt it was time to retry this entrepreneurship thing.

During the period from 2011 to 2019, I kept the name ‘Innovelty’ on the backburner.

Which in the end seems to be completely unnecessary because I do not want to use it anymore. Other Innovelty’s of the world. I do have quite a few of the domains in my possession (think .com/.net). So send me your offers!

But now ‘itContinues’!

It, being me, is an excellent statement about the world. Because it will continue, even if you feel it won’t.

It also represents choices.

  • Do you continue along with it?
  • Do you change along with it?
  • Do you move with the world?

I decided to change my view of the world, to change the story I tell myself and others about what I do.

When I worked at my employer’s, I would tell people, “I build Google Ads campaigns.” Their reaction more of the time was, “Huh, Google Ads? I don’t click on those.” Regardless if that’s true or not (hint: it’s false, you do!). I wasn’t satisfied with that story about myself and my function in the world.

The story about who I was doing the work for, didn’t work for me either. I understand that the world needs internet providers and cosmetic’s companies, the ‘Buy as much of our stuff, right now’ messaging is not what gets my stamp of approval.

I want to pick my clients and projects. I want to work on Global Grand Challenges. There are enough issues to fix and stories to tell about them.

So that is why ‘itContinues’

If you have any

  • comments,
  • questions,
  • want to know more
  • or cheer me on.

Feel free to do so in the comments

(ps. being cheered on is fun!)

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