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What are you going to tell me?

What is your continuous story?

What do we do?

itContinues gets your story rolling online by digital advertising, storytelling, and content creation.

This is what ‘we,’ you and me, do this based on a process. This process makes sure your story resonates; it’s told in the right context; it reaches the people who are open to it and helps them spread the story.


Create a story

The world revolves around stories. Stories inspire movement and action. That is why every business needs a strong story.

We sculpt the story.

Build your home

Every story needs a place it gets told. A place where it belongs. That is why your business’s story needs a home.

We build a digital home.

Spread the word

When no one visits your home, your story won’t have an effect. The story won’t reach or touch anyone. You need an audience.

We find that audience.

Lead the tribe

Now you have a story, a home, and an audience. Now it is up to you to connect with and lead them. To improve their current situation.

We create improvement

About me

My name is Hervé Maas, and for years now, my focus has been on the digital. Digital content, digital marketing, and digital stories.

Since 2008 I’ve worked on digital marketing for various businesses. From local clothing stores and startups to multinationals like L’Oréal, Liberty Global, and Teijin Aramid at various large Digital Marketing Agencies in the Netherlands like Searchresult, RIFF Online, and Onetomarket.

At the start of my career, I specialized in Search Engine Marketing, but lately, I developed a broader set of skills. As a lead consultant, I learned that a story starts to live when it’s coordinated and consistent across channels.

This developed this skill, and I want to use it to help you.

Let us start our story